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Poi and Yoga

Poi is more than just a Performance Art: Poi is a creative work with body and mind. It’s about the conscious experimenting of the communication between body and mind. And it’s about exploring ones limits and expending boundaries. Nick has conducted Poi Seminars worldwide and is seen as one of the leading figures in this newly emerging art form. His style is characterized by rapid changes of direction of both Poi and body, by element of Tai Chi and Dancing. More about Nick on his Website www.playpoi.com.

In this unique retreat we will mainly play Poi. Beside playing there is the opportunity to lift body and mind on a different plain with Yoga and Meditation. On a plain where all of a sudden your limits and borders seem to easily dissolve and expand.

Nick will have plenty of time for one to one teaching. Your Poi technique and dance and your joy of Poi will definitely experience a booster.

And Adrian will use the time inbetween to practice and teach Yoga Asanas and Meditation to relax body and mind.

The Food will be prepared by our Ayurvedic master cook Bernhard. If possible all the meals are prepared with organic and local products.

We rest and sleep in our Yurts, simple and beautiful, with a view through the skylight into the stellar night sky.

When: Monday August 30 – Thursday evening September 2  (arrive Sunday night the 29.)


• boarding and lodging inclusiv 3 meals a day: 60 Swissfrancs / day, reductions are possible for people with little money

• tuition: Sliding Scale 40 – 80 Swissfrancs per day

~ von balmeggberg am 5. Juni 2008.